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UnitedPress printing house is the one of market leaders in Baltic states for high quality, full colour - magazine, brochure, calendar, catalogue and advertising material printing using web offset and sheet feed offset.
UnitedPress printing house provides a ”one stop shop” solution to our customers providing everything from image handling to manual postpress activities. Our very strong environmental concern combined with an exceptional service level and high quality provides an offer to our customers out of the ordinary, so - Why should you pay high printing bills, when you can get the job done much cheaper and better at UnitedPress printing house!
We attribute our success in an ever changing marketplace, our commitment to embracing the latest technology, investing in our staff, adapting to our customers needs, building professional relationships and consistently delivering excellent print and service.
Our employee development programme ensures that your order is handled by highly skilled individuals at every stage of production and our dedicated team take pride in delivering the very best for all our customers at all times.
We aim to provide our clients with the highest quality design and print that we can deliver: consistently, on time and at a fair price. All our customers are treated equally, honestly, in good faith and without discrimination at all times and at every point of contact.
UnitedPress Printing house provides flexible printing services to customers across its market area of Baltic states, Nordic countries, and Western Europe!

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