The Chamber

NCCL is a non-profit, non-governmental membership-based business association for companies with Norwegian - Latvian share capital, management or cooperation.

Founded in 2007 by 20 Norwegian companies we are one of the largest foreign chambers in Latvia with close to 100 members.

Members are invited to regular business and social events with interesting topics, speakers, companies, stakeholders and networking opportunities. We facilitate professional networking, exchange of experiences, provide relevant information and promote Norwegian companies, competence and business values.

Our mission

  • To strengthen cooperation between Norwegian and Latvian companies in Latvia
  • To encourage and promote trade and investments between Norway and Latvia
  • To promote Norwegian companies, business values and bilateral cooperation
  • To foster a transparent and fair business environment in Latvia
  • To promote the professional interests of our members through business and social events with relevant topics, speakers, companies, stakeholders and networking opportunities

Our values

  • Sustainability


    We promote sustainability, transparency and long-term perspective and work to improve the local business environment

  • Sharing knowledge

    Sharing knowledge

    We believe in building an inclusive and informal business community where members can meet and exchange experiences

Norwegian Ambassador

With support from the Royal Norwegian Embassy

We benefit from an excellent cooperation with the Norwegian Embassy in Latvia. Norwegian Ambassador H.E. Ine Måreng is our Honorary member and close partner in representing Norwegian investments in Latvia and fostering closer bilateral economic and cultural ties between Norway and Latvia. We also cooperate through “Team Norway” (Embassy, NCCL and invited business representatives).

Greetings from Norwegian Ambassador H. E. Ine Måreng

  • The extensive and long-term bilateral relations between Norway and Latvia have three cornerstones; Security as allies in NATO, two countries with border to Russia; European economic and democratic resilience through EU and the EEA Agreement; Business and trade with the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (NCCL) as one of our closest partners.
  • At the Embassy we promote Norwegian business and trade! “All of Norway exports” is The Norwegian Government’s plan to increase export from Norway with 50 per cent by 2030, oil and gas excluded. The green shift is a key priority with sufficient and independent supplies of green energy as one element.
  • We pursue important strategic initiatives and processes to increase trade and business between Latvia and Norway. The role of NCCL in the Norwegian business community is invaluable. The Embassy team is looking forward to continuing the great cooperation to strengthen Norwegian business and trade in Latvia. Together with Norwegian companies and NCCL, we are Team Norway in Latvia!

H. E. Ine Måreng

Ambassador of Norway to Latvia, Honorary Member of NCCL

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Overview of the main activities in the life of the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia in recent years.

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