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We have a passion for strengthening the youth's robustness, mastery of life, mental health, awareness and courage - courage to live, courage to care and courage to say no. We know this prevents social problems such as exclusion, frequent bullying, violence, alcohol and drug abuse, crime and mental problems. We do strengthen youth's robustness through MOT's programs in schools. MOT promotes safe class environments where all are included.
The initiative to start MOT was taken by the former Olympians and Norwegian speed-skaters Atle Vårvik and Johann Olav Koss after the Olympic Winter Games in 1994. Their motivation was to prevent social problems in society by implementing values and attitudes that would make youth better at taking care of each other and better at making conscious choices.
Meanwhile, there are more than 130 thousand youth in MOT program all over the world - Norway, Denmark, South Africa, Thailand and Latvia. Since MOT Latvia started in 2016 there are 40 schools, 156 volunteer MOT coaches and more than 7500 youth in MOT program in Latvia.
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