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Jets was founded in 1986 in an international shipbuilding and maritime community on the coasts of western Norway. Since then the Jets group has supplied the world's leading products in maritime sanitary technology. Today the group has more than half the world market for vacuum sanitary systems.

We offer advanced sanitary solutions with extremely low water consumption for use in land-based as well as offshore and ship sanitary systems. The patented Vacuumarator™ pump technology is the platform of the corporation's vacuum sanitary systems. This efficient vacuum pump is the compact and water saving solution to the sanitation requirements of the future. The technology has also been used very successfully onshore, and has vast potential for growth in land based markets where considerations like environment, water savings and water costs are growing ever more important.

Vacuum advantages - less water, better environment:
  • 25% of the world’s fresh water is used to flush traditional toilets (minimum 6 liters per flush)
  • The average person uses 17,000 liters of fresh water every year to flush traditional toilets
  • Jets vacuum sanitary systems use less than 1 liter of water, resulting in 90% less water use
  • The energy saving and water saving Jets systems can be used with biological treatment plants, or even with biofuel plants for energy production Jets group is today a worldwide organization, with a global network of representatives and distributors as well as customers on every continent.
The company serves customers in 150 countries on all continents, and our representatives and distributors around the world ensure a firm global presence. Jets opened in 2013 new production facilities in Saldus, Latvia.  
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