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GRIFS AG is security and related services company focused mostly on trade site (shopping centres, hotels, office buildings etc) security and additional services (such as reception, info desk, etc). Our employees and management have many years experience in security services for shopping centres and large facilities. We are the 2nd largest security company in Baltic States, and the leader in shopping centre security market.

GRIFS AG is the only Latvian-owned security company active in all of the Baltic states, providing jobs to 2030 people and physical and technical security to more than 25 820 sites. In Latvia, GRIFS AG is a team of about 578 people and the company’s services are used by more than 7 660 clients and guarded facilities. GRIFS AG is a subsidiary of the GRIFS AG International group, with 80% of the stock capital owned by Latvian shareholders, and 20% owned by the Norwegian company AUTOGUARD AS.

Although our main sphere of activity is above mentioned retail and high service level security we are also dealing with almost all other security products. The quality is being attained by separating guarding into different product areas, because there is a notable difference between static guarding, centre guarding, reception, patrolling etc. We have also arranged separate management and educational programs for each of them, so we can focus on each product individually. The result of this is that we are able to provide professional and high level guarding in each type of security.

Customer orientation and service-mindedness are the cornerstones of our success. Our guards are taught to be always polite and friendly, to consider every person as a Client in any place they work, to be a face of ours and the Client’s company. GRIFS AG largest Clients at the moment are such well recognised companies as: Linstow Baltic, RIMI Baltic, TELE 2, Radisson Blu, IBM Latvija, Shop chains NARVESEN, Zunda Tower, KNAB, Euroaptieka, TOP, DPD, JYSK, Grenardi, International School of Latvia, Nacionālais stadions Daugava, NMPD and several more.

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