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COBALT is one of the leading legal service providers in the Baltics, consisting of a closely integrated alliance of top-tier law firms in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and uniting more than 250 highly experienced professionals.
With over 30 years of history advising businesses, we have consistently been at the top of rankings in international legal directories and have held seven titles of Baltic Law Firm of the Year, demonstrating our ability to deliver added value to every client year after year.
We stand for values: respect, engagement, and fair play. We are committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment with a sense of belonging and equality at all levels. Our efforts extend beyond our own organisation: we work on legislative committees, before the constitutional courts and with public institutions to support cases we believe in. As the legal environment plays a vital role in society, our mission is to deliver messages and empower governmental and non-governmental organisations to transform our shared community into a better place.
At COBALT it is never ‘yet another case’: what matters to you matters to us! Whether it is a small part of the project or a ground-breaking case, it has our full attention. Because we know - every single detail is a big deal when your business is at stake.
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