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AquaFence was founded in Norway in 1999 and we have been developing professional flood protection systems since then. We now sell our product worldwide and our people are experts in the flood protection area. Our mission has always been to offer state of the art removable flood barriers that are secure and that fast can be relied upon in emergency situations, but kept out of sight at all other times. Our product has been proven in major floods in the USA, Europe and Thailand. And it’s the only mobile flood protection system, which becomes stronger as floodwater rises.

AquaFence has developed its temporary removable flood protection systems in cooperation with national and international flood protection programs. Our list of customers includes both commercial and municipal customers spanning across USA, Europe and Asia. The products are highly competitive with respect to price and usability. They have many benefits over alternative medium and large-scale flood protection solutions, such as the traditional sandbag walls and other temporary solutions.

In 2013 US ARMY Corps of Engineers and FM Global awarded AquaFence with the highest-level USA ANSI Certification. This after more than one year testing of the system, as well as parts testing and production review.
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