NCCL Invites to Expand Norwegian Language Teaching in Latvian Education System

On June 14, a delegation of NCCL members visited Latvia’s Education and Science to discuss ways of expanding Norwegian language teaching in Latvia, raise the quality of education and address the current and future labour market needs. During the visit, NCCL also handed to the Latvia's Minister of Education and Science a letter, co-signed by NCCL Executive Director and seven NCCL member companies, seeking Ministry’s support and input in expanding Norwegian language teaching in Latvia.

Visit to Latvia's Ministry of Education and Science on June 14, 2023

Taking into account the close bilateral ties between Latvia and Norway in the field of defense as part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), as well as the close economic cooperation within the European Economic Area and Norway's significant contribution to the Latvian economy through the Norwegian financial instrument, NCCL together with its members, which have co-signed the letter, emphasizes the value and importance of expanding Scandinavian language teaching in Latvia.

Visit to Latvia's Ministry of Education and Science on June 14, 2023

Norway is one of the top 10 foreign investors in Latvia, with investments exceeding 460 million EUR in early 2023, according to the Bank of Latvia. About 250 Norwegian capital companies in Latvia employ more than 6,000 people, including more than 500 Norwegian language speakers in the global business service sector. To learn more about companies that provide service functions in Norwegian language, visit:!

NCCL invites the Ministry of Education and Science to look for ways and support initiatives aimed at expanding the opportunities for learning Scandinavian languages ​​in the Latvian education system, thereby promoting Latvia's export potential and economic growth, as well as the economic integration of the Baltic and Nordic countries. To achieve better results and to address the labour market needs, NCCL members also emphasized the need to promote Scandinavian language learning at all levels, ranging from the primary and secondary school system to the higher education, and including the life-long learning programmes.

According to the Bank of Latvia, the accumulated foreign direct investments from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland in Latvia in early 2023 amounted to 8.3 billion euros, which makes up 35.8 percent of the total FDI in Latvia. Nordic countries are one of Latvia's main and priority export markets, and learning Scandinavian languages ​​in Latvia will not only strengthen Latvia's competitiveness in these markets, but also increase Latvia's attractiveness among Nordic investors, states the letter issued by NCCL.

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