AS "Olainfarm" is rebranding to "Olpha"!

AS "Olainfarm" is rebranding to "Olpha" as part of their strategy to become one of Europe's top ten pharmaceutical companies.
Olpha aims to achieve a €1 billion turnover within the next decade, focusing on expanding its operations in Western export markets and developing a robust new product portfolio in the generic medication segment. The company is already making significant strides, with over 50 new generic medications approved and in the process of being registered in more than ten EU countries. These include treatments for cardiology, neurology, urology, oncology, diabetes, infections, and allergies.
The first sales of these new products in European Union markets are planned to begin this summer. As part of this aggressive growth strategy, Olpha has invested tens of millions of euros in product development, modernization of production facilities, and increasing production capacity.
The strategy includes approximately €100 million in investments by 2030 to dominate Western European markets. This initiative is set to transform Latvia from a medication importer to an exporter, positioning Olpha as a key player in the global pharmaceutical industry.
The strategic plan also emphasizes a greater focus on research and development, with Olpha adding new finished dosage forms and active pharmaceutical ingredients to its product portfolio annually. Additionally, the company plans a multi-stage international expansion into new markets in Western Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and North America.

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