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NCCL is a non-profit, non-governmental membership based business association for companies with Norwegian-Latvian share capital, management or cooperation. Norway is one of the largest investors in Latvia with 700 MEUR and the Norwegian Chamber has over 100 members. We facilitate professional networking, exchange of experiences, provide relevant information and promote Norwegian companies, competence and business values. Members are invited to 35 annual business and social events with interesting topics, speakers, companies, stakeholders and networking opportunities. Please contact me to hear more about us and the value of membership. The film highligts our investments, industries, companies and experiences in Latvia.  

Our Corporate Members



Short video on the most significant tax changes as of January 2018

1 January 2018 Latvia introduces new tax laws. COBALT Latvia has made a short informative video of the most significant changes.  .. Read more >


Kronbergs Čukste Derling and Ducodot joins as new members

We warmly welcome full service Law office Kronbergs Čukste Derling as new Silver member and accounting and legal services company Ducodot as Bronze member. .. Read more >


SIA Baltic Pork in media storm

SIA Baltic Pork has been figuring in the Latvian and Norwegian media recently with alleged claims of animal abuse. Innovation Norway, who has invested more than NOK 12 million in the company, has issued the following statement: .. Read more >


Norwegian Embassy seeing an advisor from January 2018

The Norwegian Embassy in Riga has a three years temporary assignment for a Norwegian speaking adviser. Agnese Cimdina has received Post-doctoral funding to conduct research on the internationalization of Nordic companies in the Persian Gulf with the aim to stimulate Nordic-Baltic-Middle East cooperation in business & research. She will take a 3-year leave of absence from her position. Application to be submitted in Norwegian by September 22. .. Read more >


Refugees in Latvia (petroleum engineers and jewellers) need help with professional integration

"My name is Anett Nordby and in 2016 I was an intern at the Norwegian Embassy in Riga. One of the topics I worked on was the EU relocation program of refugees to Latvia.  Most of the refugees who are being relocated to Latvia are not staying. But a few do, and I would like to encourage members of the NCCL to assist two families with advices and exploring job options.  .. Read more >


EUR 55 million to be invested in reconstruction of Alfa shopping mall

On October 3, Linstow Center Management (Linstow) and Multi Corporation will officially launched expansion of Alfa shopping mall in Riga by 30,000 square meters, Linstow reported. Total investments in the reconstruction project will reach EUR 55 million, and the project will be completed in August 2019. .. Read more >

European Commission approves merger between Nordea, DNB banks in Baltic states

The European Commission has approved the merger between Nordea and DNB banks in the Baltic states, the representatives of the two banks announced. They said that DNB and Nordea had received unconditional clearance from the European Commission to combine their operations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. "The European Commission approved unconditionally the creation of a joint venture between Nordea Bank and DNB Bank in the Baltic states. .. Read more >

Hourly labor costs in Latvia climb 10.6% year-on-year in Q2

Seasonally non-adjusted data of the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) show that, compared to the second quarter of the previous year, in the second quarter of 2016 hourly labor costs grew by 77 eurocents or 10.6 percent, reaching EUR 8.07 per hour. According to seasonally adjusted data labor costs increased by 8.2 percent in said period... Read more >

Latvia might surpass Estonia in economic growth in 2038 – SEB Banka

If the gross domestic product (GDP) growth keeps up its current pace, Lithuania will outgrow Estonia in 2031 and Latvia will surpass it in 2038, said Mihkel Nestor, economist at SEB Estonia, at SEB Banka’s discussion on Baltic economies today.In terms of GDP per capita Estonia is still number one in Baltics. Yet, in terms of purchasing power parity, Lithuania has managed to overtake Estonia... Read more >

26 percent of Latvians think about changing jobs - poll

During the past year, 26 percent of people in Latvia have considered changing their jobs, according to a poll carried out by SKDS pollster in July this year. In recent years, 25-36 percent of respondents have been thinking about changing jobs, according to the previous polls. .. Read more >

Latvia’s GDP jumps 4.8% in Q2

In the second quarter of this year Latvia’s gross domestic product (GDP) compared to the respective period last year rose by 4.8 percent, according to the Central Statistical Bureau... Read more >