The Expanded Alfa Shopping Center to be Opened on September 5

06 August 2019

In less than a month the newly expanded fashion and entertainment center Alfa will open its doors to the public, according to TVNET. The new building and logo will be officially launched on September 5, completing yet another successful investment project by Linstow Center Management, which at this point is the largest Norwegian investor in Latvia.

"We want to return Alfa the title of the largest shopping mall, so are changing our priorities and expanding by adding to the fashion entertainment and recreation," explains Mārcis Budļevskis, board member of Linstow Center Management.

The expansion project was officially started in October last year. The total investment amounts to 55 million EUR. After the expansion, the shopping center will have added 30 000 sqm, reaching 100 000 sqm of retail, entertainment and recreation space.

Check out picture gallery from the expanded Alfa shopping center, one month before its offical opening!

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