Saeima member Daniels Pavluts (For Development/For) has promised to work on speeding up the pace of vaccination against Covid-19 if he is appointed Latvia's next
health minister.

In an interview with Latvian Radio this morning, Pavluts said that combating the coronavirus pandemic is the Health Ministry's main task at hand. He therefore intends to work on accelerating the pace of vaccination, improving the vaccination plan and increasing support to hospitals. Pavluts pointed out in the interview that the immunization process is already under way but that its start has been slow. It is now possible look into the causes of the delays, the ministerial candidate said. The immediate task is to prepare family physicians' practices for the start of mass vaccinations in March and April, he said. Pavluts also plans to meet with the heads of hospitals to discuss what else is needed to ensure a more successful fight against the pandemic.