Zalaris HR Services Latvia Joins NCCL Gold member network

01 February 2022

Join us in welcoming Zalaris HR Services Latvia in the NCCL Gold member network! Zalaris is a leading European provider of comprehensive HR and Payroll Services, delivered through innovative cloud-based solutions from SAP and SuccessFactors.  ... Read more


NCCL Meets with Director General of LIAA

24 January 2022

On January 21, NCCL Chairman of the Board Matiss Kukainis and Executive Director Ilze Garoza together with the Norwegian Ambassador to Latvia H. E. Kristian Ødegaard and Deputy Head of Mission Jannicke Bain visited the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) and met with LIAA Director General Kaspars Rožkalns and his team members from the Investment Department. ... Read more


Changes in taxation, effective as of 1 January, 2022

15 January 2022

Grant Thornton Baltic Latvia work team have summarized a series of tax changes that took effect on January 1, 2022. Changes have been made in sectors such as - value added (VAT), personal income (PIT), patent fees, micro-enterprise (MET), vehicle, excise and etc. ... Read more


NCCL Delivers gifts to the Crisis Center Namins in Auce

07 January 2022

We started out the year by finishing some good deeds from the previous year! Last week, two representatives from the NCCL Harolds Bulmanis and Ilze Garoza together with the Norwegian Ambassador to Latvia Kristian Ødegaard visited the crisis center „Namiņš" in Auce, which operates a soup kitchen and provides safe space for meeting for over 80 kids from underprivileged families. The delegation visited Auce to deliver gifts donated by NCCL members during the most recent NCCL Charity Drive.... Read more


Message from NCCL Chairman of the Board

22 December 2021

As we are closing the year, please accept our deepest gratitude for your cooperation in 2021! It has been another challenging year, but with your support and active engagement we have managed to pull it through and remain one of the most active (top 3, baby!) foreign chambers of commerce in Latvia!... Read more


Laima Chocolate Museum celebrates 8th Anniversary

18 December 2021

This year marks the 8th Anniversary since the opening of the Laima museum - the sweetest museum in Riga. Since December 18, 2013, when the Laima museum first opened its doors, it has been visited by almost 245,000 guests.... Read more


Nearly 1200 EUR Collected in the NCCL Charity Raffle

17 December 2021

Many thanks to all members of Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia who contributed prizes to the annual NCCL Charity Raffle and also many thanks to all our corporate and individual members who participated in the raffle itself! All proceeds from the raffle, adding up to 1160 EUR, have been now transferred to the crisis center "Namiņš" in Auce, which provides safe space, food and shelter to kids and youth from underprivileged background.... Read more