Orkla Soon to Open the Most Advanced Biscuit Production Plant in North Europe

11 May 2022

Today, May 11, a special time capsule was laid in the foundations of Orkla Biscuit Production plant to leave a message for the generations to come. Participating in the ceremony were Orkla Group Executive Vice President Ingvill Tarberg Berg, Orkla Biscuit Production CEO Johan Uddin, Minister of Economy of Republic of Latvia Jānis Vitenbergs, Head of the European Commission's Representation in Latvia Zane Petre, Chairman of Ādaži Municipality Māris Sprindžuks, as well as Jānis Zilgme, Merks Deputy Director of Construction.... Read more


NCCL Welcomes New Member - Slokenbergs PLLC

26 April 2022

Join us in welcoming SLOKENBERGS PLLC into the NCCL member community! SLOKENBERGS PLLC is a law firm and business consultancy based in New York (US), founded by Ivars Slokenbergs, a corporate and commercial cross-border lawyer. The firm advises Baltic and other European companies doing business in the US or planning entry to the US market.... Read more


Apply for Capital Discount for Digital Transformation

13 April 2022

Our member Global Consulting informs us of the opportunity for companies to receive capital discount for Digital Transformation projects. The purpose of the aid scheme, which is administrated by Altum, is to promote the development of entrepreneurship and the growth of turnover by supporting large - scale and productivity - oriented investments in business digital transformation tools that promote 4.0. industy solutions in production processes; and the automation or robotization of traditional business functions.... Read more


NCCL Convenes at AGM to Strengthen Team Norway

08 April 2022

After two years of Annual General Meetings (AGM) online, on April 7 NCCL finally convened its members in person to reconnect and address topical issues affecting the Norwegian Latvian business community and our societies overall. During the AGM, the results of member voting were presented, including introduction to the NCCL Board for 2022/2023, along with changes in NCCL membership fee structure and introduction of a new Platinum Membership category. ... Read more


BlueOrange Bank changes its name to BluOr Bank

05 April 2022

In March, 2022, BlueOrange Bank announced change of its name to BluOr Bank AS. The bank introduced the name change with the aim of emphasizing the status of the Bank and strengthening its position in the Latvian and Baltic markets, as well as in other countries, by unifying the brand and legal name of the Bank.... Read more


NCCL donates 1000 EUR in support of Ukrainian people

09 March 2022

In solidarity and in support of the Ukrainian people, which are fighting for their freedom and liberty in the unprovoked war started by the Russian Federation, the Board of the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (NCCL) last night in its montly board meeting decided to donate 1000 EUR of NCCL funds in support of the Ukrainian people.... Read more


Live Riga to provide support to companies considering relocation to Riga

07 March 2022

Considering the current situation in our neighboring countries, the Investment and Tourism Agency of Riga (Live Riga), together with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA), would like to offer relocation assistance to your members and their employees from company branches in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.... Read more


Letter by NCCL Chairman of the Board

04 March 2022

On behalf of the board of the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (NCCL), we thank you for your support and involvement in the Norwegian - Latvian business community during 2021! We are stronger together! With this letter, we ask you to mark your calendars and join us at the NCCL Annual General meeting, which is scheduled to take place on 7 April 2022 at 16:00 at Hotel "Bergs" (Elizabetes iela 83/85, Riga)!... Read more