Latvia's Boders Open to Visitors from Norway

03 June 2020

Good news for those who have been waiting for the Latvian borders to open up for incoming travelers, including from Norway! Yesterday, the Government of Latvia decided to lift the 14-days self-isolation requirement for persons arriving in Latvia from the EU, European Economic zone countries and Switzerland, where during the previous two weeks the number of registered COVID-19 infections per 100,000 inhabitants has been 15 or below.... Read more


Check out the webinar on Understanding Norwegians as Partners and Clients

01 June 2020

Check out the recording of the webinar "Understading Norwegians as Partners and Clients", which took place and May 28 and features two knowledgeable speakers - Snorre Karkkonen Svensson, founder and co-owner of Valodu māja - House of Languages, who explained some of the key features of Norwegian culture, identity, and values, and Thomas Danielsen, CEO of Super Duper company who focused more on the best platforms and tools for engaging Norwegians.... Read more


NCCL invites adding Norway to the Free Travel Area

29 May 2020

On May 20, NCCL sent a letter to Latvia's Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Transport requesting to add Norway to the "Baltic Bubble", by permitting regular air traffic between Latvia and Norway past the currently approved air traffic from May 18 and June 9. The letter also requested to lift or shorten the 14-day quarantine requirement for business travelers arriving from Norway in Latvia.... Read more


NCCL Launches Coffee Mornings on Fridays at 9:30

29 May 2020

This morning, NCCL held the first "Morning Coffee with NCCL" in a series of informal online gatherings between NCCL board and members aimed at fostering exchange of latest information, observations, tips and tricks on dealing with the extraordinary times. ... Read more


CBRE Baltic Releases the Latest Baltics Retail Market View 2019-2020

27 May 2020

Since 2018, the Baltics have experienced large increases in modern retail stock. Retail stock in the category above a GLA of 10,000 sqm will have increased by 30% by the end of this year in Riga alone, fuelled by retailer appetite and growing retail trade before the pandemic. Structural changes in retail and consumer behaviour will require adjustments. However, new retail parks, as well as multifunctional and hybrid developments will continue to confirm the resilience of brick and mortar retail as a sector across the Baltics.... Read more


NCCL meeting with BlueOrange Bank

22 May 2020

On May 21, NCCL members joined an online meeting with the Executive Team of BlueOrange Bank, which joined NCCL as Gold member earlier this year, to discuss key aspects in building and maintaining long-term relationship with the bank!... Read more


NCCL greetings on May 17

17 May 2020

On May 17, Norwegians all around the world celebrated Norway's Constitution Day! For Norwegians in Latvia, it was no exception!... Read more

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