Norwegian Celebrates 20 Years as a Scheduled Airline

03 September 2022

On 1 September 2022, Norwegian celebrated its 20th anniversary as a scheduled airline. In those 20 years it has carried over 300 million passengers and developed an extensive network of low-cost flights from various European airports. ... Read more


NCCL Back to Work Happy Hour at Sporta 2 Quarter

25 August 2022

On August 24, NCCL members and friends met up for a "Back to Work" Happy Hour, which this year took place at Sporta 2 Quarter, which was acquired by Linstow Baltic last year with an ambition to turn this space into a vibrant, multifunctional and liveable urban quarter, combing modern contemporary design and functions with some of the authentic qualities of the area.... Read more


Today the Transparency Act Comes into Effect in Norway

01 July 2022

Today, July 1, 2022, a new law - the Transparency Act - comes into effect in Norway, requiring companies operating in Norway to make sure human rights and decent working conditions are respected in their operations and supply chains. To help our members understand how will this new law affect Norwegian businesses and Latvian exporters operating in the Norwegian market, the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia together with the Latvian Wood Construction Cluster and the Oslo-based Codex Law Firm organized a webinar, which provided an overview of the main aspects of the Transparency Act and its implications for business.... Read more


NCCL uzsāk kampaņu, aicinot latviešus apgūt norvēģu valodu

20 June 2022

Iespēja apgūt jaunas zināšanas un prasmes, strādāt no mājām un saņemt augstāku atalgojumu nekā vidējā atlīdzība Latvijā. Iespēja strādāt starptautiskā darba vidē, nepametot ģimeni, mājas un draugus. Šie ir tikai daži no apsvērumiem, kurus, publicējot interneta vietni, uzskaita Norvēģijas Tirdzniecības kamera (NCCL) un ar Norvēģiju saistītie starptautisko pakalpojumu centri Latvijā, aicinot latviešus apgūt norvēģu valodu un uzsākt karjeru starptautisko pakalpojumu nozarē.... Read more


NCCL together with RBS and OsloMet Discusses Digital Transformation

10 June 2022

On June 2, NCCL together with its member Riga Business School, held the first "Business After Hours" meeting after a long break focusing on Digital Transformation in Theory and Practice. The event was organised in conjunction with the international Futures 2050 forum "Steering Education: From Imagination to Impact", and called attention to some of the exiting and upcoming challenges in digitalisation of the education sector and workspace.... Read more


Norwegian in Latvia Celebrate May 17 with a Parade in Old Town Riga

18 May 2022

May 17 is an important day for Norwegians. It is a Day when Norway celebrates its Constitution Day. A noteworthy aspect of the Norwegian Constitution Day is its non-military nature. All over Norway, children's parades with an abundance of flags form the central elements of the celebration. In a similar fashion, yesterday over 100 Norwegians and their friends, among whom the largest proportion were students studying medicine at Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte (Riga Stradins University), joined a parade in the Old Town Riga, celebrating Norway's Constitution Day along with the values its stands for - democracy, peace, and freedom.... Read more


Nordic investors launch Sustainable Construction Olympics in Riga

13 May 2022

Riga may have lagged behind in the new project development, but what has already been started and what is planned for the future is even more daring and sustainable than what's been done in Western Europe. This is one of the takeaways from the Nordic Baltic Business Forum, which took place in Riga yesterday, May 12, focusing on how are Nordic investors contributing to the sustainable development of the real estate and construction industries in Latvia.... Read more