Orkla Latvija Reaches Record Turnover in 2019

10 August 2020

Last year, "Orkla Latvija", which unites "Orkla Latvija" and "Orkla Foods Latvija", continued a stable growth. The total turnover of "Orkla Latvija" companies amounted to 117.3 million euros, which is 3.7% more than in 2018.

Orkla Latvija Board Chairman Toms Didrihsons acknowledges company's growth by adding: 'We are happy, that our progress has been shifted in the direction of sustainability, becoming a definite part of our business. Even though, it is a long-term process in which the development is happening gradually, we are proud of each step that has been moved towards it.'

In total, Orkla Latvija companies achieved a profit of 6.7 MEUR last year, invested more than 5.5 EUR and paid more than 17.6 MEUR in taxes. To read more, visit:

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