Origo Receives Riga Architecture Award 2021

01 September 2021

The Riga architecture award 2021 has been awarded to the new Origo shopping and office complex, developed by Linstow Baltic. 

The award was given "for the organic, harmonious and multifunctional saturation of the urban environment in the centre of Riga, as well as a complex solution of the architectural environment, respecting the requirements of universal design and environmental accessibility". Riga city architect Gvido Princis pointed out that the Origo complex was created in a Scandinavian "attitude to detail, nothing is insignificant, each element of the project has a role in its total value".  

As outlined by Linstow Baltic: "Origo is a multifunctional commercial centre in the heart of Riga, right next to the central railway station and international bus terminal of the capital of Latvia. Thousands of people visit the shopping centre every day as they go about their daily routine. Origo is one of the best examples of the benefits of multifunctional development - a balance between shopping, delicious food, daily services, railway and leisure. Not surprisingly, owing to its great location, Origo has quickly become popular with both the residents of Riga and also tourists. Approximately 30 million people visit Origo every year. The complex has been created as a particularly energy-efficient building, registered for obtaining the BREEAM certificate of the most frequently used sustainable building certification system in the world, receiving one of the highest evaluation levels - "Very Good"." 

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