Open Call in the Responsible Business Ambassadors Program

18 January 2022

The 9th CSR Latvia Responsible Business Ambassadors program, designed to cover and address the main aspects pertaining to CSR and sustainability, is open for applications. Deadline to join the programme is February 4th, 2022.

The application form is available HERE.


Until today, 80 company representatives from 40 different size and industry companies have participated and generated 52 sustainability initiatives. The program graduates continue work on their progress with support of the CSR Latvia. This year program have several additions to the contents: 1) +1 full day to discuss responsible supply chain issues and corporate governance, anti corruption; 2) added CO2 emission calculation subject; 3) Financial sector "taxonomy" and other ESG requirements.

Apply for the entrepreneurship training program "Responsible business ambassadors" and find answers to the questions of sustainability in business, why to implement it and how to do it in practice. CSR Latvia, which brings together the most experienced Latvian experts, organizes a 2-month course (10.02, 24.02, 3.03, 10.03, 24.03, 7.04, 21.04 - 5 full working days + 2 extra seminar evenings + graduation), which will cover the most important aspects in all key areas of ESG. In addition, together with experts/ mentors, each participant will have the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge in the development of their company's change project.

The 9th program is available HERE.

How and who can apply for the program?
We invite anyone interested to apply for participation in the program - an entrepreneur who wants to expand their vision in the context of sustainability, which, in turn, is the basis of modern business. To apply for the training program, complete the application by February 4, 2021. The training program will start on February 10, 2022. If you are willing to participate, but the time is too hectic in the beginning of the year, you can make reservation for the place in a group to other dates. It is possible to apply for programs that starts on 10th of March, 15th of September and 13th of October in 2022.

Participation benefits

  • During the program, you will gain knowledge about corporate social responsibility, sustainability and ways to easily but effectively promote the long-term well-being and profits of your company, aware of and without compromising social and environmental aspects.
  • You will receive practical advice and inspiring examples from experienced lecturers and entrepreneurs.
  • You will also receive mentor support to implement your sustainability and corporate responsibility initiatives in the organizations you represent.
  • The program is especially suitable for providing personnel management, communication, sustainability, environmental, legal, occupational safety, risk management and marketing functions.


Admission fee & discounts: 690,00 EUR.

NCCL members have a special fee with a 5% discount - 655.50 EUR

In addition, Swedbank will co-finance the training program for 6 Swedbank legal clients in the amount of 50%. The possibility to request co-financing is provided in the program application form. Co-payment is awarded to 6 applicants (one participant from one company). Criteria available HERE

More than 3 people from 1 company will get a 10% discount.

More information: For CSR Latvia member discounts and program alumni discounts please contact:, +371 29443666

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