Norplast Piemare - the first Norwegian capital company in Liepaja

13 December 2021

Kudos and best of luck to Norplast and Norpartners As, which has recently acquired one of the oldest companies in the port of Liepaja - JSC "Piemare". This is Norway's first capital investment in the Liepaja Special Economic Zone (LSEZ).

SIA "Norplast", which belongs to the Norwegian JSC "Norpartners", has been producing various fiberglass constructions in Saldus since 1994, including protection of oil and gas pipelines, floating closed fish farming basins, sewage treatment, navigation aids, etc. Most of the products are exported.

Laurics Skeide, the CEO of Norpartners and a member of the Supervisory Board of Norplast Piemare, points out that the large structural elements produced by Norplast have already been sent to customers through the Port of Liepaja. This year, when visiting our port, the owners of the company have decided that it is a suitable place for the "Norplast" terminal.



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"Norplast Piemare" manages six berths in the port of Liepaja - four on the Jaunliepaja side of the Trade Canal, two in the Winter Port. The company will not only handle cargo handling and storage in the port, but will also build its own production facilities in its territory. 

It is planned that in the spring of next year the hangar next to Kaiju Street will start assembling small elements for certain products, while in the future it is planned to build two production buildings in the port of 1000 square meters for the production of large composite metals, says Gatis Ginters He worked for the Liepāja SEZ Administration as the Head of the Business Development and Marketing Department.

"We will start with composite materials for ports and seas, ie buoys and lighthouses, as well as various elements for the oil industry. Next year we aim to start production of our main products - large closed fish farming cages or composite drums 45 meters in diameter, 20 meters in height, by the barge will send to Norway, where they will immerse Fjord. It will be a sustainable fish farming cage from which there will be no emissions on the outside because of all the fish uneaten food will be collected and processed agricultural fertilizer. will also be collected and processed in the dead fish. It will be a product of the circular economy that will not emit emissions and will clean up the fjords," said Ginters.

At present, Norplast Piemare has started looking for employees. The workers will first be trained in Saldus. How many jobs are planned to be created in Liepaja, the head of the company could not yet say: "Let's start with the first ten people, then we will expand."

Gunārs Ansiņš, Chairman of the Liepāja City Council, yesterday, congratulating "Norplast Piemare" on starting a business in Liepāja, expressed his joy that the new owners of "Piemares" do not plan to hinder the realization of his dream, ie Norwegian businessmen in an accessible area, similar to a promenade on the opposite shore. According to the information of "", Norplast last year had a turnover of 5.45 million euros, which was an increase of 56%, and a profit of 893,176 euros. Last year, Norplast Piemare had a turnover of 160,552 euros and a loss of 275,097 euros. 


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