New Year Comes with Changes on the NCCL board

15 January 2020

On January 14, NCCL board members met for the first meeting of 2020, reviewing activities in 2019 and setting plans for 2020.


Along with New Year come changes on the NCCL board. NCCL board member Agnese Cimdiņa has stepped down from her duties to devote full attention to her postdoctoral research on Nordic companies in the Middle East. Her place until the next AGM will be taken by Antra Zālīte (Visma Enterprise), who got the second most votes at last year's Annual General Meeting. We thank Agnese for her valuable contribution and welcome Antra back on the NCCL board!

Thanks to Advokātu birojs "Spīgulis & Kukainis" office for hosting us and thanks to Orkla Latvija for the sweet Christmas treats!

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