The new Board of NCCL

01 April 2012

The elected Board of 2012 has two new names. The rest of the members were re-elected, making sure we have a solid continuity of the work in progress. Petter Lundeby is our new Chairman. 

The NCCL Board for 2012: 
  • Petter Lundeby (Husvik) - Chairman
  • Kerija Paukina (Kvist) - Vice Chairman
  • Inese Andersone (Innovation Norway)
  • Tom Erdal (DNB)
  • Thorhallur Gudmundsson (Hospital Organiser)
  • Agnese Medne (A.K Advokati)
  • Bjørn Røang (Baltic Travel Partner)
51 persons was attending Annual General Meeting 2011, representing 43 of our 74 members. 
The members approved:
  • Annual Accounting Report 2011 
  • Auditor Report 2011
  • Budget 2012
  • All proposed statute changes were accepted
  • Auditor 2012: Board has permisison to agree with Leinonen or KPMG 


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