NCCL together with RBS and OsloMet Discusses Digital Transformation

10 June 2022

On June 2, NCCL together with its member Riga Business School, held the first "Business After Hours" meeting after a long break focusing on Digital Transformation in Theory and Practice. The event was organised in conjunction with the international Futures 2050 forum "Steering Education: From Imagination to Impact", and called attention to some of the exiting and upcoming challenges in digitalisation of the education sector and workspace.

Our special guest and keynote speaker was Tale Skjølsvik, Vice-Dean at the Faculty of Technology, Art & Design, Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet), who provided a futuristic outlook on digitalisation process and future trends in education and work. We were also joined by Aiga Brauere, Innovation & Technology Director at Linstow Baltic, who shared her company's experience in implementing digital transformation in the Real Estate Development sector. The conversation was be moderated by Claudio Rivera, RBS Deputy Director, Director MIT J-WEL Project  and Lead of the Education Work group at the Foreign Investors Council in Latvia.

Riga Business School has been one of the key drivers of the higher education reform process in Latvia. A new Higher Education law was passed in June 2021. To discuss the future trends in education and work environment RBS served as an academic partner to Latvia's Ministry of Education and Science in organising the international forum Futures 2050, which brought to Riga many experts, including Tale Skjølsvik from OsloMet. To watch the keynote speeches and discussion recordings, click here!

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