We have just officially launched our NCCL Season 2022 / 2023 with a warm and welcoming reception at the Norwegian Ambassador's Residence! Thanks to all who participated and especially to the Norwegian Ambassador H.E. Ine Måreng for hosting! As it was announced, our main focus in the upcoming month will be to help NCCL members expand their business network. Join us during the first ever NCCL Networking Month, where we will focus on more targeted "one on one" introductions within the NCCL member network and beyond.


OUR OFFER: You tell us whom you want to meet! And we will try to get the other party to the table! We cannot guarantee a meeting, but we will help you connect, if the interest to connect will be reciprocal. It is sort of a "business tinder", but our goal is to help you create lasting connections!


For your convenience in the attachment you will find a PDF file with an updated NCCL Members' List. Have a look and let us know, whom you would want to connect with!

To participate, please fill out by October 15 the following form: ej.uz/NCCL-networking
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write or call: +371 29906600.