NCCL members visit to Gjensidige and discussing wellbeing and sustainability

24 October 2019

On October 23, members of the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia had the opportunity to visit the main office of Gjensidige in Latvia and learn about the more than 200 year old company's approach to sustainability and safety. Marius Jundulus, CEO of Gjensidige in Baltics, explained how their business in conducted harmony with people and environment, highlighting that today's consumers are more concerned about sustainability as ever.



According Mr. Jundulus, 64% Norwegians discuss sustainability with their friends and family, whereas 66% Norwegians said sustainability impacts their buying decisions. In efforts to launch more sustainable practice, Gjensidige is implementing a variety of initiatives - such as going paper-less via digitalizing their claims processes, buying green energy, using hybrid cars among many other things.


In addition to learning what's not commonly known about health insurance, NCCL members also got the opportunity to discuss and enjoy a lesson promoting employee wellbeing, which is paramount to not only to individual health, but also company's sustainability and growth.

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