NCCL Members Get to Learn about Reitan Convenience Latvia

22 January 2023

What better way to start a day than with a delicious cup of coffee, which is prepared with great care and sustainability in mind! Such is the offer of the Caffeine brand, part of the Reitan Convenience Latvia business portfolio in Latvia. 

Last Friday, NCCL members had the great opportunity to visit one of the Caffeine houses in old town Riga, hear and engage in conversation with the CEO of Reitan Convenience Latvia Dace Dovidena about their business, Caffeine and Narvesen brands and values, the latest trends in the convenience market, and the company's commitment to sustainability. NCCL members also had the opportunity to learn something about coffee-making and try out brewing their own delicious coffee drink under the supervision of a professional barista and enjoy delightful breakfast croissants and pastries.

Since entering Latvia in 1997, Reitan Convenience Latvia has been the trendsetter in convenience store retailing enjoying stable growth rates by leveraging an effective business model and strong financial support from its corporate parent - Reitan family in Norway. Reitan Convenience Latvia has a strong brand leading in press, hot and cold drinks, food-to-go and service retail through an extensive network of Narvesen convenience stores and Caffeine coffee houses. Firm's success is built on fulfilling customer needs, loyal employees and strong Franchisees.

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