NCCL Members Discuss Infrastracture Plans with the Riga City Council

15 October 2021

In the beginning of October, before the Government of Latvia reintroduced Emergency Situation in Latvia, a group of NCCL members visited the Riga City Council and joined a roundtable discussion with the Vice-Mayor or Riga Vilnis Ķirsis and the Chairperson of Riga's Development Committee Inese Andersone.

None of the members in attendance could recall the previous time they had participated in a visit to the Riga City Council, in response to Ķirsis' question, when was the last time NCCL members had jointly met with representatives of the Riga Municipality? "We are back," stated Mr. Ķirsis at the start of the meeting with a reference to the shift of governance style at the Riga City Council and indicating its openness to a dialogue with the foreign investor community.

The central theme of the conversation was Riga's short term and long-term development plans, especially with the focus on mobility and addressing the Riga's transport and traffic challenges, including introducing e-mobility solutions. During the meeting, Kristaps Niedols, Head of Mobility Division at Riga's Development Department, laid out plans that are in the process of being started and implemented, including creating low emission zone, creating mobility hubs across the city, and making Riga more livable space for its residents. For full presentation click here!

During the meeting, NCCL members raised various questions regarding the timeline and available funds for launching various infrastructure projects listed in Riga's development plan, connectivity with Riga's suburbs and neighbouring cities, air and noise pollution, speed regulation, and electric mobility solutions. On the last topic, Moller Baltic Import, which represents Audi and Volkswagen brands in the Baltic market, presented and shared with Riga municipality representatives Oslo's experience in introducing e-mobility solutions


As it has already been reported by NCCL, in mid August, the City Development Committee of the Riga City Council released for public discussion Riga Development Programme 2021 - 2027 (Rīgas attīstības programma 2021. - 2027. gadam). The proposed programme is a medium-term development-planning document, whose aim is to help advance Riga's long-term development goals set forth in Riga's Sustainable Development Strategy until 2030.


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