Disrupting education by the RTU Riga Business School

12 November 2019

On November 12, around 20 NCCL members participated in a visit to the RTU Riga Business School and joined a conversation with Claudio A. Rivera, RBS Associate Professor in Leadership and Director of the RBS Bachelor Programs, who is also the Lead of FICIL's Education work group and a strong advocate for reforms in Latvia's Higher education sector.

The focus of the conversation was disrupting education in Latvia and breaking old ways of thinking to create new opportunities. During his presentation Claudio A. Rivera explained the current challenges faced by the education sector in Latvia and internationally, one of which is the great mismatch of what education higher education institutions provide and what the employers need. In the age of free access to knowledge via Google, YouTube, online education courses, and other open platforms, "average" higher education institutions will go out of business, says Mr. Rivera.


In this context, it is essential to strive for excellence, promote interdisciplinarity, creativity, interaction and innovation. In this context, the RBS has set it as their mission to educate managers and build LEADERS who create sustainable prosperity in the Baltic region, by launching new interdisciplinary education programs in partnership with Universities abroad, including the BI Norwegian School of Business. RBS strives to offer education, where students are challenged, inspired and engaged through interactive learning in the world's top management practices.

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