NCCL concerned new logo of Russian owned Norvik banka is misleading consumers

16 April 2015

Based on feedback from members, NCCL Board contacted Norvik banka in December 2014 raising concern as their new visual image has proportions and colours very similar to those of the Norwegian flag. In combination with the bank’s name, which has the same root “Nor” as in “Norway”, the visual image may create misleading associations with regards to the bank having Norwegian origin, ownership, connection or branches although it has none. 

Preserving the positive image of Norwegian companies in Latvia and promoting responsible business ethics is important to NCCL. According to the law, a producer or provider of services should not deliberately deceive consumers regarding the origin of goods and services by misleading advertising. During our meeting with the bank and in their official reply, Norvik banka claims they have no intention to aim at Norway and they see no reasons why they might be misleading in any way.

A copy of our communication was sent to the Consumer Rights Protection Centre (Patērētāju Tiesību Aizsardzības Centrs) for information. PTAC replied to NCCL they agree the logo may be misleading and have forwarded the question to Competition Council. Competition Council reply to NCCL is that the issue should be tested in court. Unfortunately NCCL is not the right body to raise such a case.

Pictures shows the new (on the top) and the previous (below) logo of Norvik banka.  


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