NCCL and Norwegian Embassy Delegation Visits Norwegian Companies in Saldus

15 June 2020

Last week, NCCL Vice-Chairman and Executive Director at the Kaizen Institute Latvia Frode Aasheim, the Deputy Head of Mission at the Norwegian Embassy in Latvia Jannicke Bain and NCCL Executive Director Ilze Garoza visited the Norwegian company cluster and NCCL members in Saldus to learn about their business operations and how they have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the responding government measures.

Visit to Norplast plant in Saldus and meeting its owner Ivar Gaustad (second from left) 

Visit to Jets production site and meeting its Manager Ervijs Rītiņš (on the left)


Visit to Plast-Tech and Koda Composits and meeting with its CEO and Owner Endre Kvalheim (on the right)

While some of the companies reported having disrupted supply chains and experienced some idle time, majority of them have recovered and are working in full production capacity now. Others are cautious about what is to come, looking at ways to diversify production and respond to the fluctuating market situation.

As it has been reported before, Saldus has the highest concentration of Norwegian-owned companies in Latvia, outside of Riga. About 20 companies operate in Saldus and its vicinity, manufacturing products and equipment for the maritime industry, fish farming, water treatment, trucks, as well as customized packaging, shop displays etc.

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