More extensive use of face masks, restrictions on extracurricular education might be introduced soon

12 October 2020

As Latvia continues to fight the spread of Covid-19, face masks will probably have to be used more extensively and new restrictions are possible on extracurricular education, Health Minister Ilze Vinkele said in an interview to Latvian Radio.

She said that the Health Ministry is preparing a number of adjustments to the existing Covid-19 rules, which it plans to propose at this Tuesday's Cabinet meeting. The minister refused to elaborate on these proposals though. A meeting will take place at the health ministry today to analyze the latest Covid-19 data like the results of extensive testing at Natalija
Draudzina High School in Riga. Based on this data, a decision will be made on further safety restrictions, Vinkele said. The minister indicated that a more extensive use of
face masks in public places will likely be proposed. According to observations made by health authorities, Covid-19 is currently spreading among people involved in extracurricular education and sports, which means that new restrictions might be imposed on these activities.

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