On Tuesday, the Cabinet of Ministers supported the proposal of the Ministry of Economics to pay benefits in the amount of EUR 330 to EUR 1000 per month to persons
who have become idle during the Covid-19 crisis. The support measures will be applied from the first day of the state of emergency, November 9, until December 31 of this year.

The cost of these downtime benefits is estimated at EUR 65.71 million. The government-backed measures on providing support to taxpayers to stay afloat during
this state of emergency period are aimed at compensating employees for downtime. The measures stipulate that downtime benefits for idle employees will be paid to the employee in the amount of 70 percent of their average gross monthly salary, but not less than EUR 330 per month and no more than EUR 1,000 per month. Additionally, EUR 50 will be paid out for each dependent. Downtime benefits will not be granted if the employer has a tax debt, if the employer is insolvent, or if the employer or its board members have been convicted of a crime.