Meeting and experience sharing with Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Estonia

05 November 2019

In order to facilitate experience sharing and build a foundation for cooperation in the future, the Executive Director of the Norwegian Estonian Chamber of Commerce Annely Särglep responded to the NCCL invitation and visited Riga last night, joining us at the monthly board meeting.

It was a great opportunity to learn more about each other chamber's work and discuss opportunities for joint events and initiatives in the future! Established in 2007, Norwegian Estonian Chamber of Commerce (NECC, in Norwegian: Norsk-Estisk Handelskammer, in Estonian: Norra-Eesti Kaubanduskoda) is a non-profit membership based business association for companies with Norwegian-Estonian share capital, management or co-operation. Currently NECC has more than 60 members representing various industries. To learn more about the chamber, visit their website:


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