Laima spreads joy and fulfills children's dreams

25 November 2019

On November 22, Laima Charity House opened its doors located next to the Laima Clock for the eighth consecutive year in order to bring joy and a Christmas miracle to 1,500 children of various social backgrounds in more than 20 regions of Latvia.

Laima Charity House will be open every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. until December 22, and all those who want to fulfill children's greatest dreams unaffordable for their families are welcome. There are many different wishes written on children's cards, ranging from everyday necessities such as clothing and footwear or eyeglasses to improving eyesight, to gifts that help children develop their talents and diversify their leisure activities, such as bicycles, musical instruments, board games. Each card selected is registered in the system and within five days the project sponsor is invited to bring the gift to the Laima Charity House, from where it will be delivered to the author of the card.

For the third year, people can visit Laima Charity House on the Internet at

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