Laima Chocolate Museum celebrates 8th Anniversary

18 December 2021

This year marks the 8th Anniversary since the opening of the Laima museum - the sweetest museum in Riga. Since December 18, 2013, when the Laima museum first opened its doors, it has been visited by almost 245,000 guests.

Despite the pandemic, this was an important year for the museum, as Orkla Latvija invested 40,000 euros in improvement of its exposition. After the reconstruction, the museum was opened in June with a completely renovated first exhibition hall, which is dedicated to the history and development of the most beloved confectionery brand in Latvia for more than 150 years.


The museum, which engages visitors through seeing, hearing, tasting and tactile sensation, has become a favorite attraction for people with a sweet tooth from all over Latvia and the wider world. To learn more about the museum visit:

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