Health Ministry proposes mandatory face masks in shops, stations, culture institutions and churches

14 October 2020

As Covid-19 incidence is on rise, the Health Ministry has proposed to introduce requirement to wear face masks also in stores, stations, culture institutions and churches. According to the amendments to the regulations on Epidemiological Safety Measures for the Containment of the Spread of COVID-19 Infection, mouth and nose covers will be mandatory in stores, including supermarkets, postal offices, fuel retail stations, as well as railway stations, bus terminals, airports, culture institutions and premises of religious activities if the event is not organized with fixed, personalized seats.

Mouth and face covers will also be mandatory in museums, exhibition halls, libraries if visitors have come for a visit and not an event organized with fixed, personalized seats. Also, employees of the above mentioned places will be required to wear face masks if they are not separated with a physical barrier from visitors. The new restrictions might come into force as of October 14. As previously, the requirements will not refer to children below the age of 13.

As reported, Latvia is seeing a steep rise in Covid-19 incidence for the third consecutive week.

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