Have your name printed in Latvian translation of a Famous Norwegian novel

18 August 2019

Have your personal or your company's name included among supporters of the translation of Norwegian novel "Kilden" ("the Suorce") in Latvian!

The novel The Source, the best known work of Norwegian poet, dramaturg and author Gabriel Scott (1874-1958), tells a story of Markus, a fisherman, who lives his own life and has his own thoughts. The work stands out due to the extent of its aesthetic saturation, and illustrates the author's attempt to integrate the overall mystique, in relation to the origins of creation and selfless love. The main character's role throughout the novel can be compared with Jesus Christ's role on Earth. Gabriel Scott's works resound the same kind of atmosphere as Knut Hamsun's. They were each other's contemporaries and both were connected to Southern Norway.

The novel was written in 1918, the same year that the Republic of Latvia was proclaimed and one year after Knut Hamsun had launched his Nobel Prize-winning novel Growth of the Soil. Like Hamsun, Gabriel Scott belonged to the group of popular Nordic authors in Latvia before the Second World War.
100 years after the release of The Source, librarians, teachers, philosophers and artists still believe that the novel has a lot to give its readers.

As a greeting to Latvia on the occasion of the 100th anniversaries of both the Republic and the novel, the Norwegian NGO Gabriel Scott Society, which is the copyright holder of Scott's works, has decided to publish "The Source" in Latvian. In this connection is the Gabriel Scott Society searching for sponsors to subscribe to the list of tabula gratulatoria. For 40 euros, the subscriber will also receive a copy of the book. Interested parties may contact the secretary of the organization, Harde Johannessen, e-mail:

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