FICIL possible working groups for 2012 - call for members

05 October 2011

Below is a list of possible new working groups and maybe eventual position paper themes for the next year’s High Council meeting:

(i)  Court system e.g. Efficiency of legal framework in settling disputes & in challenging regulations
(ii)  Renewable energy resources
(iii) Competition & Competitiveness in Latvia and State owned companies
(iv) Public Administration improvement (incl. HR)
Also, FICIL (v) Tax issues working group will continue its work while (vi) Capital markets WG and (vii) Transport issues WG from the previous years will continue their work only on ad hoc bases in order to follow up the position papers presented at High Council meeting earlier this year or in response to the action from the government.
The first meetings of the above mentioned working groups will be in mid October.
If any of these themes are of relevance to you and you would like to participate, please contact




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