FICIL Invites to Join their Working Groups

24 September 2020

To continue developing recommendations for the public sector regarding the business environment in Latvia, the Foreign Investors' Council in Latvia invites their members, including members of the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia, to sign up to work groups of interest.

More detailed description of each work group can be found here.  Previous position papers of the work groups can be found here.

FICIL has 14 work groups:

  • Anti organised crime w/g
  • Fair competition and public procurement w/g
  • Food and drink industry w/g
  • Digitalisation w/g
  • Construction w/g
  • Education w/g
  • Green economy development w/g
  • Healthcare issues w/g
  • Anti corruption, economic crime and shadow economy w/g
  • Investment protection and court efficiency w/g
  • Intellectual property protection w/g
  • Labour force issues w/g
  • Tax policy and administration w/g
  • Transport and infrastructure w/g


You can sign up for work groups here. There is no limit to how many work groups you can participate in.

In the upcoming weeks, FICIL will be holding the first brainstorming meetings of active work groups to discuss the goals for the upcoming season. FICIL members are invited to share their ideas, concerns, opinions to add to the topics already discussed in work groups. If you feel certain topics need to be raised that are not listed under any work group, you can contact me directly +371 24992483.

It is important to underline that work groups deal with issues relevant to the business climate as a whole, not individual investor problems.

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