FICIL High Council 2012

31 May 2012

The 16th High Council Meeting is fast aproaching. Members of NCCL have been invited to take part in the open part of the program on May 31.

The HC meetings are intended to facilitate a top-level discussion forum between foreign investors and the Government, to set up structured exchange of information and views between the major investors and the national policymakers. The mutually agreed issues are incorporated into an Action Plan to Improve the Business Environment in Latvia. In the interim between High Councils the Action Plan is being supervised by the Latvian Development Agency and reviewed in a meeting between the sitting Prime Minister and the sitting Chairman of FICIL High Council.

The High Council is represented on one side by senior executives from each FICIL member company’s headquarters, and on the other side by Latvian Ministers and high civil servants. The High Council meetings are jointly chaired by the sitting Prime Minister of Latvia and the selected CEO of a FICIL member’s parent company.
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