Employees to be paid downtime benefits only for the month they apply for the benefits

07 May 2020

The Cabinet of Ministers at an extraordinary meeting today decided to support the proposal of the Economics Ministry, providing that downtime benefits should be applied for only for the current month and not for the past months. These amendments refer to the regulations on employers affected by the Covid-19 crisis who qualify for downtime benefits.

According to the current version of the regulations, employers can apply for the benefits for a period of time going back to March 14 when the government announced the current state of emergency.

The amendments stipulate that now employers will only be able to apply for the benefits for the current calendar month. Therefore employees applying for the downtime benefits in May would only receive the benefits for the month of May and not for April, for instance.

Additional amendments stipulate that in the future downtime benefits will also be paid to those employees who at the same time have income from their own business that does not exceed EUR 430 a month.

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