Apply for Capital Discount for Digital Transformation

13 April 2022

Our member Global Consulting informs us of the opportunity for companies to receive capital discount for Digital Transformation projects. The purpose of the aid scheme, which is administrated by Altum, is to promote the development of entrepreneurship and the growth of turnover by supporting large - scale and productivity - oriented investments in business digital transformation tools that promote 4.0. industy solutions in production processes; and the automation or robotization of traditional business functions.

Amount of aid

The program provides support of up to 35% of the project's eligible costs, up to a maximum of EUR 1 000 000.

Type of support

The type of aid is a capital discount, i.e. In order to be eligible for such support, the company applies for an Altum loan in addition to the project application, which is cancelled as a result of successful project implementation.

Eligible actions

  • Digitization of traditional processes in companies;
  • For the purchase and implementation of industry 4.0 solutions (including both the necessary hardware and software components) in accordance with the specifics of the company's core business, for example: 
      • Internet of Things (IoT);
      • Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML);
      • Blockchain;
      • Big data, cloud computing;
      • High Performance Computing (HPC);
      • Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR).
  • Acquisition of systems and equipment operating in the 5G network;
  • Data storage solutions;
  • Renovation and streamlining of existing production and other equipment for the digitization of business processes and the purchase of new equipment;
  • Acquisition of new equipment in the field of ICT related to the use of ICT products in the production process;
  • For creating and delivering solutions or systems running on a single platform (platform economics).


Project submission: September / October 2022. To learn more about the programme, contact Rinalds Trukšs: rinalds(at) / +371 22844088.

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