Building bridges between the Norwegian and Latvian startup ecosystems can be used as the overarching theme of the several meetings that took place at the Norwegian Embassy in Riga on October 29. The meeting was organized by the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (NCCL), involving key players in the Latvian startup ecosystem, Embassy of Norway, and Seed Forum Global.

With participation of Steinar Korsmo, the founder of the Seed Forum, Norwegian Embassy, NCCL and the main drivers of the Latvian start-up system, including the chief organizers of the Digital Freedom Festival, TechChilll, Deep Tech Atelier, as well as representatives from LIAA Startup Division and Latvian Business Angel Network (LatBAN), a vibrant conversation took place about the evolution of the Latvian innovation and startup ecosystem and about the potential for cooperation between the Latvian and Norwegian startup players in the future.


In the afternoon, the CEO of Seed Forum Global Steinar Korsmo provided to a group of Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia member companies and partner institutions a Crash Course training in Pitching startup projects to Norwegian investors, pushing participants out of the comfort zone to deliver the most efficient and influential pitches possible.