Many thanks to over 30 participants, which participated in the first ever #NCCLBirkebeiner race - our challenge to NCCL members and friends to get outdoors and enjoy the last days of winter and snow!  


The NCCL Birkebeiner race was not about speed and competition, but about getting outdoors, clearing head, boosting strength and immunity, and being part of the Norwegian Latvian business community, while travel and meeting in person is still restricted. On the way, we managed to strengthen friendship with other Nordic partners that equally much appreciate winters with snow!

We applaud everybody who got on skis and give a loud shout out to all those who were willing to compete for the first ever "NCCL Birkebeiner of the Year" title! Join us in congratulating Agnese Fogele, Head of Logistics at Møller Baltic Import, as the winner of "NCCL Birkebeiner of the Year" title! On February 20, she logged 33.24 km at the Vietalva ski track "Mailes". On top of the 33 km on February 20, she logged another 32 km on Sunday, managing more than the distance of the traditional Birkebeiner race in Norway which is 54 km long.


Agnese Fogele truly embodies the spirit of a Birkebeiner! As Agnese reveals to NCCL, she has participated in quite a few original Birkebeiner races in her life with the finish line in Lillehammer stadium - skiing, bicycling, running. It is worthwhile also mentioning that Møller Norway once was the general sponsor of Birkebeiner races.

Check out the gallery of pictures submitted by the participants of the first ever NCCL Birkebeiner challenge!