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Industry: Accountancy / Auditing
Phone: +371 67 323 901
Contact person:   Lasse Henritius, Managing Director

Leinonen Group is a chain of accounting offices of Finnish origin represented in seven countries: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland and Bulgaria. In Latvia we are offering also auditing services.

Leinonen Group provides world class accounting and consulting services, especially for international enterprises. Our associates have up-to-date knowledge in every relevant area - taxation, financial legislation, requirements of local authorities. Our accountants in every office are highly qualified. They are familiar with both requirements of international and specifics of local bookkeeping standards. In every office we speak English.

In EU our offices are centrally located in the capital cities (Helsinki was established in 1988; respectively: Tallinn 1992, Riga 1995, Vilnius 1996, Warsaw 2008 and Sofia in 2008). In Russia Leinonen offices are located in St.Petersburg (since 1995) and in Moscow (2006).

At every local Leinonen accounting office you will get the complete accounting and business administration services. Besides the official monthly and annual reports to the authorities, our service includes financial reports for the management for helping daily planning and managing operations. We take care of tax planning and are always looking for the best options for our clients.

Our clients are mainly representative offices and subsidiaries of European and Scandinavian companies, representing a wide range of industries, wholesalers, traders, transporters and consulting companies. That is why we can offer you high quality business administrative services and consultation in every office.

In Latvia Leinonen is among few accounting service providers holding quality certificate, which shows that we take our quality of work seriously. SIA Leinonen is certified with ISO 9001:2008 management quality certificate by Bureau Veritas.


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