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Lentusgruppen AS


Industry: Other
Phone: +47 966 22 744
Contact person:   Timur Yussupov, Head of Corporate Development
Lentusgruppen AS is an Investment Company located in Oslo, Norway. Up until 2015, the company, which was previously named Sinsen Kolonial AS, underwent a significant growth and expansion stage within the retail and the real estate sector. Rapid growth and expansion resulted in a strategic decision to re-structure and re-brand our organisation, which became Lentusgruppen AS, post 2015.

Brief overview:

● Founded in 1997, restructured in 2015
● Consolidated Revenue for 2019 = €66,8mm (Audited)
● 100% owned by Inderjeet Singh
● Portfolio of 39 «Joker» shops ≈ €19,5mm
● Portfolio of Commericial, Residential and Development RE valued at >€40mm (estimates)
● Listed securities portfolio valued over €9mm

Expansion to Baltics:

Lentusgruppen AS has indicated a strong commitment to pursue synergistic and adjacent investment opportunities in the Baltic region i.e. Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

Strategic focus on investing in following sectors:
- Real Estate Development;
- Retail;
- Financial Services;
- Renewable Energy.

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