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Nordwoc SIA


Industry: Other
Phone: +37129422300
Contact person:   Ugis Grigorjevs, Sales Manager

Nordwoc, a company offering advanced development of professional, scientific and technical services. Nordwoc offers a full range of solutions, technologies and equipment for measurements and testing with a significance to both science and research as well as production and training.

Company's mission is to develop efficient technical solutions obtainable to every enterprise and institution. The company strives to increase the competitiveness of their customers' products and services by transferring advanced technologies for new research and development. One of their goals is developing and preparing solutions for continuous growth of production and business. It also offers Digital Platform for Air Quality Monitoring that is environmental condition monitoring system designed for monitoring temperature, humidity and pressure. Very good solution / product we have is Temperature mesurament system according GDP norms.

In the Chamber it will be represented by Ugis Grigorjevs, Head of Sales.

To edit or delete this information, please contact us at or +371 29906600

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