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Royal Norwegian Embassy


Industry: Other
Phone: +371 67 81 41 00
Contact person:   Agnese Cimdiņa, Adviser EEA/ Norway Grants & Business Relations

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Riga was opened in 1992 after Latvia regained its independence. The daily duties of the embassy includes the tasks within politics, economy, entrepreneurship, media and culture. The embassy also has its own defence attache covering all three Baltic countries.

One of the most essential tasks of the embassy is the consular work – issuing passports, processing applications for residence and work permits and other related documents as well as rendering different kind of assistance to the Norwegian citizens.

Since 2004 the work with EEA financing mechanism has had a central role in the embassy’s work. There have been launched 65 different projects over the country within such sectors as law, health, child care and human resources. In addition there are different funds and programms available for civil sector, democracy building, environment and education. These projects are an important Norwegian contribution to maintaining the economic balance in Europe.

Norway and Latvia have sustainable links which are continuously strengthened by more closer and targeted cooperation between Nordic-baltic countries!

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