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Industry: IT / Telecommunication
Phone: +37129250388
Contact person:   JANIS ROCENS, President, Board Member

SWH SETS specializes in development of custom enterprise scale software systems. Our services include support for all processes in your system's life-cycle, including: Analysis, Architecture, Programming, Systems Integration, Testing, Deployment & Environment Configuration, Scaling, and Support & Maintenance. Our consultants possess people skills and a wide range of technical skills. We will form a flexible project team to support any stage of your project, to take over an unsuccessful project, or to carry out the whole project from requirements analysis until support in production environments.

Most of the projects are carried out from our headquarters in Riga, Latvia but on-site work at any location is possible.

If required, we will happily adapt your project management methodology or use your management, development or implementation tools. If not, we will choose the most appropriate setup drawing on our experience of 20 years in the global market.

Areas of business expertise include:


  • Bank sector
  • Fintech sector
  • Telecom mediation
  • Automotive
  • Utilities & Billing
Widely used tools: 
  • Red Hat OpenShift
  • Docker
  • VMware


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