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Industry: Other
Phone: +47 97003639
Contact person:   Cecilie Lanes, General Manager
Cecilie Lanes has cooperated with Latvian artists and businesses since 2008. She has written two children's books (Midnight sun and Northern lights) that are translated into 13 different languages and sold to the Norwegian tourist market, including Nordkapp and Hurtigruten.
With her books, all printed in Latvia, she wish to give an introduction of the beautiful Northern Lights and the indigenous people in Norway – the Sami. Her book «Ziemeļblāzmai pa pēdām” was launched in February 2017 and can be bought in Jānis Roze book shops in Riga.

She visits Riga several times a year and is interested to extend her Norwegian Latvian network as she is growing her business in terms of new products and markets. 

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