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Industry: Food / Beverage
Phone: +37167708800
Contact person:   Harolds Bulmanis, General Manager
SIA “Suncrisp” is part of the Frupor Group of Companies. We are a purveyor of small whole ready to eat snack carrots branded Crispy Carrots from Portugal. The original concept was invented over 20 years ago in Norway. We currently do business in The Baltics, Norway and Sweden. In Latvia we are available in Statoil, Maxima, Sky, Stockmann, Narvesen and other select locations. Our head office is located in Rīga.
The Frupor Group currently is a group of four companies focused on the agrobusiness. Products include; chinese leaf, decorative foliage, strawberries, cauliflower and brokarage of organic produce. The main investors in the business are Norweigan. 

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